Special Events

Do you want to have a truly special event? How about renting a trampoline park? – Yes…That’s right… The Whole Park!

Our facility can be booked for private use by groups of up to 60 people. Schools, Businesses, Teams, Churches, Cheerleaders, Clubs, Summer Camps, etc… and YOU get to choose the program. Bring your office staff to a truly unique teambuilding experience that is guaranteed to give your team a whole new perspective.

Bring your cheerleading squad and practice those tricky moves that result in bruises when you do them on solid ground. Add a few hours of energy burning bouncing thrills to your summer camp.

Just let us know what you would like and we will work with you to provide a memorable, safe and enjoyable bouncing experience. Contact.

Make memories – one bounce at a time 

Class Activities


Date : 25 Dec 2014

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