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Rules & Safety
Parents Please sign Waiver here…
  • Before You Jump
    • NO jumping if you have health limitations, injuries, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or pregnant.

    • NO sharp objects, cameras, phones, etc.

    • NO shoes. Jump with non-skid socks only.

    • NO food, drink or gum in trampoline area.

    • EMPTY your pockets.

  • Warning
    • Trampoline use involves an inherent risk.

    • Impact can result in serious or fatal head injury, paralysis and fracture.

  • While You Jump

    • NO Running

    • NO Double-bouncing.

    • DO NOT land on head or neck.

    • DO NOT land on safety pads.

    • DO NOT interfere with other jumpers.

    • DO NOT attempt flips or somersaults.

    • DO NOT jump from one trampoline to another.

    • DO NOT sit or lie on court.

    • DO NOT climb or hang from wall pads or nets.

    • DO NOT dive into foam pits.

    • DO NOT jump near people of different size.

    • DO NOT jump if court monitor is not present.

    • DO NOT enter area under trampolines.

    • ALWAYS report injuries or hazards.

    • ALWAYS remain in control

    • ALWAYS bounce near center of trampoline.

    • ALWAYS follow court monitor’s instructions.

    • ALWAYS land on two feet.

    • ALWAYS maintain a safe distance from others.

    • ALWAYS walk to and from your jump area.

    • ALWAYS wear appropriate clothing free of hanging zippers, belts & strings and remove jewelry.

    • STOP if over-exerted, ill or injured.

  • Fundamentals
    • Master the fundamentals of single trampoline jumping before trying more advanced maneuvers such as, wall trampoline jumping and aerial skills which increase the risk of injury.

    • Perform at your own risk only if you have sufficient skill to avoid injury.

    • Jump in control

    • Bend your knees to stop your bounce

    • Be aware of those around you

    • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to avoid others


While trampolines are safer than residential trampolines, there are still inherent risks to the sport that all jumpers are required to read before participating.



The rules at Trampoline High are intended to minimize the chance of injury to jumpers, but jumpers assume full responsibility for their decision to take part in trampoline related activities.



Any participants who act in a manner that our court monitors determine to be dangerous (to themselves or others) will be asked to leave the premises without a refund.




Waivers must be signed by all adult jumpers and parents are required to sign waivers on behalf of their minor children.


Jump at Your Own Risk


Violation of rules may result in forfeiture of Trampoline Activities without refund.


Parents Please sign Waiver here…

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